Bumble Bots is a difficult puzzle action game. You control a bot which needs to find its way in sixteen small but increasingly more difficult levels. You need to collect pick ups, push boxes, fill gaps, use teleports and more while being chased by enemy bots or the clock.

The puzzles will challenge your problem solving skills and the action your reflexes and agility. Can you complete all levels?


  • Sixteen levels, with a lot of variation!
  • Isometric 3D views
  • Wave animations
  • Enemies
  • Pick-ups, boxes, teleports, and gaps
  • Tracking of level progress, hi-score and level hi-scores
  • Level selection menu
  • Sound and light effects


  • Set a good hi-score (BEST score)
  • Complete all levels
  • Complete all levels in a single run (BEST level run)
  • Improve the hi-score for each level (BEST level sum)

Let me know how you get on! You can share an image of the end screen as proof.

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NEW 2 weeks ago

It's already a good project  ;) 


NEW 5 days ago

eriban eriban

It appears the library did indeed assume it draws at least one pixel onto the screen. I went ahead and fixed that now in the git version, thank you for looking into it!


4 days ago

Thanks for picking this up. Nice to know that it is fixed now.


NEW 4 days ago

Sorunome Sorunome

Thanks for picking this up. Nice to know that it is fixed now.

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