Bumble Bots Re-Pair


By eriban, 4 weeks ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Emulator by aoneill

An action puzzle game that features the same bots as my earlier Bumble Bots creation, but is a completely different game. This one is a spin-off of this year's Global Game Jam, where the theme was "repair".

Game play

Extend the tracks so that the bots can be re-united (re-paired). You successfully complete a level by re-pairing all bots. You lose when the bots run out of track, you run out of time, or (in later levels) bots of different types meet.

Scoring: You get points for every tile placed. At the end of each level, you get an extra live, or extra points if you are maxed out. You also get points for time remaining. However, you get points deducted for any remaining open ends.

Aborting: Press MENU briefly to abort an ongoing attempt, for example when the bots are stuck and will never meet. Press MENU longer to abort the entire game.


  • Mindless bots
  • Ten levels
  • Custom music track (made by my brother) - See instructions below on how to enable
  • 160x128 resolution - This is not supported by the above emulator. If you want to play it online, use this emulator instead
  • Juicy animations
  • Custom font
  • Fancy title screen
  • Help screen
  • Hi-score screen
  • Light effects

Playing tips

The tiles that you are offered are randomly selected. However, you will always be offered tiles that fit somewhere on the grid. Furthermore, the tiles on offer will be unique. The order in which you place tiles and where you place them therefore matters. Exploit this to increase the odds that you get favourable tiles.

It helps to hedge your bets. Have a fallback plan in case you do not get tiles that match your perfect route.

At the start you may want to keep many open ends, so you can place "undesired" tiles somewhere. Towards the end you may want to reduce the number of open ends, to increase the probability that you are offered the tiles that you still need to complete your route.

Installing music

To get the full experience, you should also download the two music tracks below and put them in the "BumbleBotsRePair" folder alongside the binary:

It's really worth it! Also, I was very careful to leave enough CPU cycles available to play this music. It would be a shame to let that effort and those cycles go to waste :-). By the way, you can always disable the music (while keeping sound effects enabled) from the title screen.


Version 1.1

  • Improved music play-back (reduced sample rate to significantly lower CPU usage)
  • Note: This requires using the updated WAV files, available for download above

Version 1.0

  • Added hi-score tracking
  • Added hi-score screen
  • Various minor improvements

Version 0.2

  • Animated title screen
  • Added different bot types (and clashing of bots)
  • Added two new levels
  • Added light effects
  • Added ability to abort game
  • Reduced CPU usage when placing tiles

Version 0.1 Initial release

Feedback welcome

Let me know how you get on. What do you think of the difficulty? Did you manage to complete all levels?

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I can’t really answer as i’m not good enough but i have wrote what i known in other post for not change subject of this subject on Bumble Bots Re-Pair

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possible to use atmlib on gb ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1ub6Ye711c

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Hum, maybe you’ll understand and make it enough clear to be able to use it. Nobody use it (or near) atm because nobody understand how to use it for music for example.