Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Emulator by aoneill

Pico Monsters (aka Picomon) is an adaptation of an existing Pico-8 game Pico Monsters by Headchant. To quote the original author :

In this game there are markers called 'picostops' scattered throughout the map which drop random items whenever you have defeated a few wild monsters. 'Picostops' also replenish and revive all the monsters in your party. Catch new monsters with picoballs.

Due to the save restrictions of pico8 the team size in this is only 4. Every wild monsters can have up to 4 different moves it's recommended to catch and compare to build your best team. There is also a very small story about professor corks whereabouts...


To sum up, this game is a Pokémon-like RPG with 20 monsters to catch (4 types).

There have been a few changes from the original, mainly in attempt to balance a little more the difficulty :

  • the encountered wild monsters levels are now always in the range [-3;+1] of the first one of your team
  • the picostops now only drops 1 item at a time and you have to defeat 2 monsters to get the reward
  • the damage calculation formula has also been changed to the one used in the Pokémon games
  • there have been a few changes in the stats data too


The battles may seems a little hard, but this game is made to be challenging. The key is to build a strong team and not hesitate to use items (potions...).

I acknowledge that it is difficult to be objective on this point, so feel free to give me your opinion on this, I might update it according to it.

The original forum post is right here :