New manual, new teammates, new stuff

By Sandra, 6 years ago

This time I (Sandra) will present to you the latest news! It has nearly been a whole year that I have been working here at Gamebuino, and what better way to celebrate than to directly speak to the people who motivate me and give me the required energy to work on this great project every day : you all, dear Gamebuinians!


Last time we posted some News, we introduced our Fair Stickers. As a reminder, these stickers were conceived to encourage and reward our community’s developers, thanks to who the quantity of games grows by the day, as the quality improves ?

As a way to keep the community close to us, we setup a contest to help us choose the best stickers, which we would put on sale first. It is now an immense pleasure to be able to present the winners! You can order yours now and help out a developer on the Shop.

  • Cats and Coins by Siegfried Croes
  • Oubliettes by Geed
  • Defend Pluto by Alxm
  • Tennis by the Gamebuino Team

Order your Stickers!

And to reward those of you who helped us choose these winners. We decided to offer a free sticker to ALL participents. So if you voted, make sure to check your emails ?

The team grows… by another 2 meters!

We would like to give a warm welcoming to Jean-Rémi, who recently joined the Gamebuino team to our greatest delight!

Believe it or not : The team is now composed of 5 members for a total of 9 meters !

Be the creator of the new Gamebuino sounds

To improve the current sound effects of the Gamebuino, we are launching a contest open to everyone. Among your creations, we will select the Gamebuino META’s new default sounds. All you need to know about the contest is right here.

New in the box!

The Gamebuino no longer has any secrets for you and it is easier than ever to pick up you Gamebuino for the first time and start playing. We present to you the Manual!

Now for real, this piece of paper (recycled and recyclable) has a bunch of legal information you probably won’t ever read. And actually, I lied, the Gamebuino still has tons of secrets to uncover… Stay tuned… ?

Workshops for the world

If you do not speak French, you may not know that we had a series of workshops (our custom tutorials) available in French for a while. They were only available in French so far because we wanted them to be as easy to follow as possible, so we modified them quite frequently. But, they are stable, and Julien translated all of them. There are a total of five workshops so far. They start with a simple « Hello World » program, and take you to a full Pong game with an AI!

So if you did not already, head over here to find out more!