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Tap Tap (C++ 3/5)
Tap Tap, how fast can you tap?

Tap Tap, how fast can you tap?

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TapTap is a simple 2-button game. The goal is hit the left and right arrows to match the falling bricks as fast as possible. The bricks are randomly generated and fall forever (or at least until you run out of power). For each brick cleared correctly, the player is awarded points (if he/she misses, the score is reset to 0). To force the player to play fast, the score slowly decrease constantly.

While programming TapTap for the Gamebuino, we will see three important game development concepts. First of all, we will learn how to organize our code. Then we will take a first look at arrays and constants in C++. These are three of the essential points of this chapter, they will pop-up in nearly all games you will ever do!