Sheepping weekly, Gamebuinians happy


Aurélien Rodot

6 years ago

Hello there, it's been a while!

A good Gamebuinian is a happy Gamebuinian

All the Kickstarter perks have been sent a while ago, products are in stock and we ship every week. Prices are taxes and shipping included, no surprise during checkout :)

So far we had excellent feedback about the console. If you want to help you can give your opinion on one of the following Facebook, Google or Trustpilot.

Less than 1% of the 1000 consoles we shipped had issues, even though it's the very first batch we manufacture. Trust me, it's well under the norm (for example Microsoft had a 25% return rate for their Surface). But that's never good enough, we're already working to lower that number ! Oh, and we replaced all defective units swiftly, so everybody is happy :)

We do our best to answer all requests under a working day, any feedback is welcome.

Quality games

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You Gamebuinians are very active, and the number of games available is increasing every week. To make sure we don't end up with a bunch of half-done, buggy games, we created the Quality Seal to award the games worth playing.

Apply today to the Quality Seal to get your games by default on every Gamebuino. Better hurry, we're making the next batch of micro SD cards right now!

Workshops in the works

It's all fun and games, but you're here to learn coding. We already released the first 3 Workshops and keep working. But we want to make sure it actually works, so every Thursday afternoon we go to the coffee shop to test them on random people who never coded before (I'm actually typing this while sipping a latte). That's why Workshops are only available in French now, we'll translate to English once we slow down on iterations, which is real soon.

Fishy coworkers

The team is growing, two new members joined us last week. Welcome to Globulle and Dvorak the 1st. We keep hiring by the way, I'll post something official about this.

Everything is on

Gamebuino is on

Fellow local startuppers at (French site warning) will give you a tour of the best and the most bizarre online services you never knew you needed. We're proud to be one of them :)

Everybody take care,


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NEW 5 years ago

Tellement pressé d'acheter ma Gamebuino ! :D


5 years ago

Gamebuino META is great ;). I recommend it by heart :D.


NEW 5 years ago

ObudShaer ObudShaer

Gamebuino META is great ;). I recommend it by heart :D.

Aurélien Rodot

NEW 5 years ago

Thanks a lot :D


NEW 5 years ago

Hi! I'm a new member of the community based in the US, and I just got order confirmation for my gamebuino meta 2 days ago. I was wondering about how long it would take for the parcel to be approved/shipped to the US. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry if this isn't the right thread to post to - I looked for a new thread button and couldn't find one so I posted in the most relevant one I could find.


NEW 5 years ago

I can't answer but welcome into the community  ;)