Gamebuino Classic


The Gamebuino Classic was launched in 2014.

Check out our new console, the Gamebuino META.

Introducing GAMEBUINO

The Gamebuino is small enough to fit in your pocket and kill time whether it be on the bus… or the toilet. And hey, you'll spare your phone's battery! Plus you'll find all the games you want free and open-source, created with love by a worldwide community... but you should go a step further: make your own game.
You'll see, coding is more easy than it seems. We are here to help.

"That's what I love about Gamebuino, it's easy enough for beginners to start playing with immediately but restrictive enough to provide a decent challenge to those willing to push the hardware to its limit." Myndale

What is Gamebuino?

Gamebuino is a retro portable game console project based on Arduino. It allows you to make your own games, and even more.

It is designed so you can easily get started with your game, yet it is capable enough to make fully-featured 8-bit games and other badass projects. The library allows you to start programming your game in minutes, and the console is shipped ready to run, yet customizable thanks to the extension ports which allow you to add modules (like an accelerometer or wireless communication), or to connect several Gamebuino consoles to play in multiplayer with your mates.

So many GAMES!

The Gamebuinians have created dozens of awesome games, from Tetris to Flappy Bird clones. Check out the Games Gallery!


A Gamebuino with everything included:

  • An 84*48px monochrome display with automatic backlight (fancy!)
  • A speaker to play 4 channel sounds and music
  • A battery, charge it with any standard micro USB port (like your phone)
  • A micro SD socket to store all the games. You can use it to make a datalogger, or even play movies (no kidding!).
  • 2x I2C extension ports to play multiplayer games

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