Our values

The Gamebuino 10 commandments

We live by our values. These were defined based on the team and community feedback. Answers are un-edited appart from typos and grammar. I'm not the best writer, but I tried to sum it up faithfully - Aurélien Rodot

9 - Play by the rules

If you want to stick around, you have to be sustainable. Think local, use recycled materials, avoid useless waste. Don't try to cheat, pass the due certifications and pay your taxes. They exist for a reason, and it will pay back.

  • I'm happy to support a project originating in France that has a great product (hopefully!) and genuine values - unlike many tech startups ;) - exocet
  • And yes, you all DID go through the proper channels to certify the META - DFX2KX
  • Not too many use off the shelf parts - DFX2KX

8 - Do more with less

As profitability is not your goal, be clever to stay sustainable. Know the difference between what you think you want, what you want, and what you need. Always ask yourself "WHY do I want that?". The ratio value added / effort provided shall be king.

  • The all-in-one no-nonsense development environment that reminds me of old family computers where you could very easily program your own games with BASIC or software like AMOS. - exocet
  • To work with limitations, and try to break them - Valden
  • 32Kb is enough for everyone - Drakker
  • Le but ne sera pas de remplacer mes jeux sur la PS4 mais d'avoir des petits jeux amusants. - jicehel
  • The stuff you guys manage to get microcontrollers to do borders on sorcery - DFX2KX
  • You lot made me love efficient code. - DFX2KX
  • It's a really fun challenge making games for the limited hardware - SiegfriedCroes

7 - Keep a family spirit

Connect with others, get to know them personally. Avoid processes, formalities and pompous titles that put people apart. Everybody has something to give, no matter where they come from. Be respectful, kindly, benevolent and caring to others. Prefer understanding over judging.

  • Why I'm here ? There's a lot of great people around - Drakker
  • J'aime faire partie d'une communauté unie - Makdany
  • Because this community is full of people who'll pop in to help me resurrect a dead Gamebuino Classic at 0230 local time. (And with some measure of success I might add!) - DFX2KX
  • There is a great community in which people can learn and help each other to get better at programming and pixel art - SiegfriedCroes
  • I've been involved in the demoscene for over 20 years so I like the idea of a small creative community working together to make cool stuff. - exocet
  • I enjoy helping others out to start programming - Sorunome
  • wow, such community, much friendly - Valden

6 - Learn & grow

There is always more to be known and to be done. Never settle. Be ambitious. It's always easier than it seems.

  • Je souhaitais apprendre à coder des jeux et je cherchais un point de départ, le voici - Max
  • To learn and perfect the various aspects of game development on a portable system - Valden
  • Apprendre La Programmation - Makdany

5 - Create fun (with a spark of madness)

Working seriously shouldn't prevent you from taking things lightly. Have fun no matter when. If something is boring or not amusing, change it.

  • Why I'm here? Because it's fun - Drakker
  • Apprendre le code dans une ambiance sympa, avec des gens sympa sur un site sympa : une expérience sympa quoi ! (les répétitions sont volontaires ^^) - Max
  • Slapping 'buino' or 'uino' on the name of basically any game as become an inside joke of sorts. - DFX2KX
  • UFO Race ate my soul, I logged double digit hours on that. - DFX2KX
  • * Sandra & Rodot dancing in excitement, waiting for a parcel at the post office *

4 - Be creative and adventurous

Be innovative & prospective. Venture off the beaten track. Think out of the box. Don't be a passive consumer but an active creator. Feel the accomplishment.

  • The device is all about making your own games and not just play/emulate existing ones - SiegfriedCroes
  • I enjoy making retro-games myself - Sorunome
  • Hopefully it can help kids realize programming can be fun and maybe even help me improve my programming skills :) - excocet
  • I know C because of the Classic, and wasn't terrified of flashing new firmware to my 3D printer's control board because I'd done the same thing to the Classic 1,000 times. - DFX2KX
  • Of course I also like that Gamebuino is about creating original content, not playing emulated games as many "indie" hardware projects end up being used for. - exocet
  • Because the most fun is to make (I think I spent more time making games than playing on the first Gamebuino) - clement

3 - Embrace and drive change

Question everything. Ask "what if?". Try. Fail. Learn. Re-try. Achieve success. Always strive for improving and experimenting , even if that sometimes means to get out of your comfort zone. Move fast, break things.

2 - Passion over money

Be passionate about what you do. Find what has a real meaning to you. You have to be profitable to pay the rent and grow. But earning more is not the goal. Take decisions based on your values, not on the maximum possible outcome.

  • You guys are Quality-over-Profit, both in where the META and Classic were made, and materials used to make them - DFX2KX
  • Du vrai casual gaming : ras le bol des "pay-to-win" et autre jeux qui n’ont comme ambition que l’argent généré par les pubs ou les achats in-app - Max
  • Because there is a small but passionate community, that want to create the best games they can ! - Valden
  • D'un simple cadeau de Noël à une véritable passion - Makdany
  • Because I fall in love with Gamebuino - clement
  • I love programming and loved the Gamebuino Classic. Rodot provided me a nice opportunity and a fun challenge to work on the META early and help with its development - I couldn't turn that down! - Sorunome

1 - Be open, honest & humble

Put down the masks and be yourself at home, at work and amongst the Gamebuinians. Be whole. Establish human, open and honest communication with others. Diverging opinions are never a problem as long as your seek to understand more than to be right. We are not here for our personal success, but because we are part of something bigger.

0 - Deliver wow

We here for you. Such Happy. Very Good. Quite META.