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Flashback on the history of the Snake game.
Demonstration of what will be achieved in this workshop.

Where does Snake game come from?

The arcade game Blockade (1976) is probably the one that originally inspired the many variations of the Snake game we know today. It is also found in the famous Tron (1982) movie produced by the Walt Disney Studios.

Nokia is famous for having embedded the Snake game on most of its phones since its Nokia 6110 model, released in 1997.

The principle of the game is very simple: the player controls a snake into an enclosed space, looking for apples to feed. The apples appear randomly on the screen and each time the snake swallows an apple, its tail lengthens... As the game progresses, the tail lengthens more and more and the snake's movements are more and more limited... because it must never bite its tail or hit one of the walls of the enclosure!

Snake has survived the ages of video games and remains, even today, a timeless classic that any apprentice coder has ever wondered how to program. Obviously, this day has come for you!  

Here is a little demo of the game that we will make together on the META:

Démo du jeu Snake

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