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Online META Emulator

AboutThis is a web-based emulator that I have been working on for the META. Provide a compiled META ...
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This is a Klondike solitaire game for the META. It includes two difficulties (turning one or three ...
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A 2D platformer where you travel deeper and deeper underground.ย  This is an early work in progress...

High Resolution without gb.display

Disclaimer: This code may not be perfect, and there may be better ways to accomplish the same thing....


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Cats and Coins

GENERAL INFO Genre: PlatformerGraphics: Original pixel art using DawnBringer's 16 color paletteTools...
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Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

Presenting Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, an RPG-Adventure in which you assume the role of a boy ...
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Super Crate Buino

1 box = 1 point1 box = 1 random weaponMonsters keep spawningIf monsters reach the bottom, they come...
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METAtris is a game where you fill rows with blocks to clear them and try to survive as long as possi...
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Neonrattle is a 360-degree snake game with lots of levels. You can also play it in your browser! LAS...
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World of Mock

Here is a set of mockups where I plan to develop and release assets for one to make it happen.There ...
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Work in progress

Defend Pluto

Defend Plutoย is a vertical space shooter. LAST UPDATE:ย May 30 2018 - Version Beta 2 Move with the ...

Advanced Raycasting

RELEASE UPDATE: I got my GameBuino, tuned this a bit and set it as released. To check out the demos,...